La Petite Pierre

La Petite Pierre is a french bistro & wine bar located in the heart of Madeira. We are happy to serve the best of the french classics with a contemporary twist, all made with the freshest of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Join us for food & wine & a little joie de vivre!


La Petite Pierre has been serving delicious, French-inspired food for over 25 years. Serving the Cincinnati area as a boutique caterer, who can deliver amazing dishes for thousands, and as a cozy bistro where you can enjoy great food and fine wine in a relaxing setting with friends and family - we are constantly striving to deliver fantastic quality and great service.

Company owner, Michele Adrian Vollman, developed a passion for great food from an early age. Her father Pierre Adrian became the head chef at Cincinnati's famed Maisonette in 1962, and within only a couple of years had won Cincinnati's first 5-star Mobil Guide rating for the restaurant. Michele's childhood was full of amazing food and elaborate entertaining, a foundation that she ensures her company shares with all of its clients and guests.

In August 1989, Michele, and her sister Suzy, established La Petite Pierre as a tribute to their father who had sadly died in middle age. They brought something a little different to the catering and restaurant scene in the city, quickly solidifying a reputation of quality in both areas. Few similar companies in the city can boast operating a catering business that has fed US Presidents and rock stars, while also operating a restaurant that over the years has been voted among the best in the city.

More than a quarter of a century after its inception, La Petite Pierre continues its constant striving to deliver the best food with the best service. Michele, and new Executive Chef Nathan Jolley, work in partnership to offer the best in quality, the greatest flexibility, and a depth of attention to the customer that makes each event or dining experience special.

Our Philosophy

Great food, coupled with great service, create amazing experiences that live with you forever. That is the basic philosophy of La Petite Pierre, lessons taught to Michele by her father Pierre, and central to the what the business is about.

We love food that makes guests say "Wow!"; we enjoy trying new things, working with suppliers to find the best ingredients, and building relationships with customers that enable us to deliver exactly what they need to have a great time. We are passionate about what we do, and want you to taste that in every plate we serve. 

Our Chef

Nathan Jolley became the Executive Chef at La Petite Pierre in the spring of 2016, bringing more than 20-years of culinary experience, which has included operating his own restaurant, to our kitchen. In this role he is responsible for all food produced by us both in our restaurant and for catering, he has oversight of our culinary creative direction, he leads and develops our kitchen team, and is a member of the executive management of the company.

He was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and grew up moving between there, St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio.  His culinary interests were sparked at a young age watching his grandmother cook Saturday and Sunday suppers because his mother often worked weekends to make ends meet. 

Inspired by simple foods as much as unique and exotic ingredients, he plays to an “everyman’s” sense of taste, wanting to challenge diners with something new while avoiding the disassociation that occurs when someone cannot “connect” with their meal.  He enjoys making recipes that are accessible, focusing on the ingredients and their natural flavors, rather than lengthy technical preparations.

Nathan lives in Milford with his wife and two young kids.  He hopes to instill his love for good food into his children, and they are often found in the kitchen with him, tiny aprons on, eager to help cook dinner for the family.


We are located in the heart of Madeira, OH. A great location filled with one-of-a-kind stores and services, and some great dining options. 

La Petite Pierre
7800 Camargo Road
OH 45243

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