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La Petite Pierre began as the vision of a cozy French Bistro by Michele Adrian at a very early age. There was a passionate interest in fine French cuisine from the start for Michele, and this affinity was encouraged and expanded by her father Pierre.

Pierre became the head chef of Cincinnati’s premiere restaurant, the Maisonette in 1962. Through skill and creativity, he earned the Maisonette its first 5-star rating, a tradition that would continue for many years to come. As the reputation and exclusivity of the restaurant grew, so too did the interest in following in her father’s footsteps. She spent time with her father learning about fine food and service excellence. In the summer, the Adrians spent time with family in France, enjoying their heritage and traditions.

In August 1989, La Petite opened in a small building were and began the catering operation. She knew the name should be decidedly French, so it was named for Pierre whom the family had owed so much. Within 4 years, La Petite moved to a larger building on Camargo road. After a few months, the renovation was completed and the new La Petite Pierre was born. The restaurant was now large enough to feature an expanded dining area where patrons could come and sample the fine food for luncheon or afternoon meals.

Today, Pierre is passed away, but his memory lives on through the quality service and fine cuisine offered by this small Maderia cafe.

Michele is a shining example of the legacy her father left for her and the joie de vivre he lived by.